Hope for the holidays

November 24, 2010

the 2010 season is upon us. im already hearing people grumble and complain. very rarely do you hear anyone anymore humming christmas carols to themselves going about happily with their days. its all a hodgepodge mess of commercialisms and debt that you need the entire year to pay off just in time to start in all over again to make sure you dont offend that great aunt or cousin six times removed that you never see at all or speak to by giving them some sort of gift you cant really afford, that theyll prolly return anyway and not give you or said gift another thought about. /sigh is this REALLY how the holidays are meant to be? what has happened to goodwill, peace and harmony, love for yer fellow man, helping yer neighbor?

one of my favorite things this time of year is spying those salvation army guys with their bells and buckets.. and emptying my pockets of whatever happens to be in them. just to try and grasp onto that warm & fuzzy “i`ve helped someone someplace” feeling. this year ive decided to try to kick it up a notch.. and do more, and have created this blog in not only the hopes of capturing some of them warm & fuzzies.. but maybe restoring a little bit of my faith in humanity as well.

everyone likes to feel like theyve done something worthwhile. that theyve helped someone who truly needed it. i know one such family that needs assistance, and what better time of year than this?

this family isnt just yer typical having money troubles at the holidays family. sickness has plagued the mom for the last two years causing her to lose her job and culminating to emergency surgery to save her life. crohn`s disease is a very nasty unpredictable thing.. and shes still recovering and unable to work and is still facing another surgery. her fiance` lost the job he had trying to juggle their two kids and hospital and doctors and isnt eligible for unemployment. the bills have piled up, theyve lost their home, and have nearly lost their minds with it all, and have no one to turn to. theyre looking into homeless shelters to have a roof over their heads. not exactly a festive holiday season for them.

as an individual, i cant do much. no one could singly for all they need. so i turn to the virtual world and reach out to the collective with a plea to help me help them. not much really.. nothing that would cause any financial hardships on another. theres well over 300,000 souls on this forum and if only half of you were to find some true holiday spirit and reach out to this family with a single dollar donation, theyre financial worries would be over entirely. none of you would really feel any pinch in yer budgets at all. pocket change found in the laundry, that bag of returnables thats been knocking around in yer trunk for the past month, a few quarters out of the jar on yer bureau.. but together, itd help change the entire course of this family`s life for the better.

so i ask you all to please, make a small donation to the paypal account connected to the email account
2010holidayhope@gmail.com and help me help this family that so desperately need some hope for the holidays.